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Café Pompose

Coffee exists in many different kinds, all with a different character. Strong coffee, or mild with cream. These coffee cups also have their own personalities, all to optimize the quality of the specific coffee. The cappuccino cup has a large collar to carry the milkfoam. The espresso cup has a tapered neck to optimilize the taste and smell of the strong coffee. The ristretto cup is small, specialy for the extra strong coffee. Besides function they represent their own personality. The cappuccino cup looks like a classy fat lady, next to her stands the espresso cup, a stately gentleman with a large ego. The ristretto cup is their stupborn child, going his own way, strong on its feet.
The coffee set is an expansion of the tea time set. This set is given an Italian title, as coffee has a strong Italian background.

Café Pompose cups are made out of high quality porcelain, glazed, and are dishwasher save.