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Bunny vase, yellow


Hi, I’m the bunny vase. I’m here to help you out. You’ll probably recognize this, standing with an enthusiastically picked bunch of flowers in your hand, but no vase to put them in. From now on I’ll be more than happy to hold them for you. Decorate me with little flowers, dried flowers or find feathers.

The bunny vase is made out of high quality (coloured) porcelain and made with great perfection by ourselves in our studio. The vase has an unglazed matte finish, which brings out the colour. Although unglazed the vase is watertight. The vase is a great fit for small flowers.

Material: coloured porcelain.
Size w 5,5 x h 12 cm
Weight ± 95 gram
Colours may differ from the photo.

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