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Cuniculus L + body, black dots


Adopting a cuniculus from the specials collection means bringing a true eyecatcher into your home. The special collection of the cuniculus family is made with special techniques, great precision and a lot of patience. Therefor all these porcelain bunnies are unique, no two are alike.

This cuniculus was made by adding small drips of black porcelain onto the freshly casted bunny. A very precise job. The surface remaines unglazed, which gives the bunny a beautiful matt finish.
The head and body are two separate pieces, in this way the head can be turned in any position you like.

Material: (coloured) porcelain, unglazed
Sizes: w. 5,5 cm x h. 12 cm
Weight: ± 95 gr

Colours may differ from the photo.

Available on backorder

Additional information

Weight 2000 g

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