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Cuniculus L, two shades of blue


Adopting a cuniculus from the specials collection means bringing a true eyecatcher into your home. The special collection of the cuniculus family is made with special techniques, great precision and a lot of patience. Therefor all these porcelain bunnies are unique, no two are alike.

This Cuniculus was made by casting two different colours in the mould at the same time. In the mould the colours meet and mixes. Where and how we can’t control. therefor all bunnies made with this technique are different.
The cuniculus is made out of two kinds of blue coloured unglazed porcelain which gives it a nice matt finish.
The Cuniculus comes with a ribbon, to hang it on your wall. No ribbon needed, no problem, choose no ribbon in the box below.

material: coloured porcelain, unglazed.
sizes: w 5,5  x h 9 cm
weight: ± 70 gram

Colours may differ from the photo.

Additional information

Weight 2000 g

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