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Paper Flowers special edition


Make your own everlasting flowers with this DIY kit. With this kit you can make 2 flowers. Pre cut and pre-creased sheets in the special edition deep black and shiny sparkling anthracite, paper stems, and clear diy instructions, it’s all in there. The only thing you need is some glue and some assemble time.
These flowers comes in a flat package, so absolutely sendable by mail. And as they are made out of FSC certified paper and (the package) printed with vegetable inks, its makes it a very sustainable gift.

This is a limited edition, (only 100 pieces).
Size of the assembled flowers; 10 cm diameter x 30 cm high (including stem).
Not included; glue.

Eco friendly product made out of FSC paper. package printed with vegetable inks.
Made in Holland.

75 in stock


Additional information

Weight 174 g

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